Focusing on drawing eyes

We are looking forward to sharing our incredible artwork with everyone at parents evening after half term.

Stroud District Netball Champions 🥇🏐🏆

A huge congratulations to our Y3/4 netball team who were crowned district champions this week. The team played consistently at a higher standard throughout the tournament scoring over 35 and conceding just 5 times.

Homework, 100 word challenge #5 & spellings


Maths – Fractions of amount worksheet (Due Wednesday)

PHSE – Should children be allowed to eat junk food? (Due Wednesday)

100 Word Challenge

You may want to think about including the following;

  • Relative clause
  • 2A sentence
  • Ly or ing opener
  • Think about the noun chain you are using.

Task:  Use the picture below to inspire you 100 words. You may want to think about some of the questions below before writing.

Who lives there?

Where is it?

Why would they want to live there?

What do they do all day?



Group 1 – lie, tie, pie, cried, tried

Group 2 – flies, tries, copies, babies, carries

Group 3 – truly, duly, wholly, fully, daily, publicly, dryly, slyly, shyly, coyly

Group 4 – though, although, dough, through, breakthrough, thought, bought, brought, fought, ought