Hi everyone. On Thursday, we will be having a PE type lesson outside, which will involve getting muddy! Please send your child into school with spare clothes (long sleeves and trousers). If you’re happy, they can use their PE kits if they are appropriate, as we will not be needing them Friday.

Miss Kelly 🙂

Snow White

Here comes the show!

WOW!! Guys you absolutely smashed the singing today, I am so SO proud of you all! Thank you for working hard and singing your hearts out- I can’t wait for your parents to see the final thing. Have a lovely rest over the weekend, we will be filming the scenes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so make sure your lines are learnt by then. Well done again, you superstars:)

Miss Kelly

Snow White


We have started putting costumes together at school and have found a great mix of clothes! We would ideally like some help from you guys with the following items;

Narrators- Back trousers/black leggings, white shirt, bow tie.

Courtiers, Cronies and King- Suits/smart-wear e.g. trousers, white shirt, tie, top hat, monocle, cane (these are suggestions!) Cronies just need smart outfits.

Snow White- A white dress, fairly modern.

Prince- black leggings and a vest to go underneath our costume.

Teeny Tribe ( Cheif, Beamer, Milton, Muncher, Snuffles, Grouchy and Snoozy)- jeans, boots (wellies or Timberland style) lumberjack shirt, braces (if you have any!) We are looking for 4 more hard hats too.

Evil Boffins- black trousers, white shirt, science goggles (if you have them!) smart/ school shoes

Hunters- Leggings or jodhpurs, white/cream shirt, riding style boots or wellies.

If your character is not here, it is because we have already got costumes for you.


Maths passports

We are currently having great success in our maths passports. We are putting a big focus on times tables in class and the children have challenged me to learn my 17 times tables, if they learn a set table themselves. I don’t mind what method they use to learn them, but we are going to test ourselves in 2 weeks (next week if you are me!!) to see how well we have learned them!

Snow White

Snow White

Exciting news- rehearsals are under way!! Please could you help your child to learn their lines and pronounce all the words. We will be filming it so I’ve told them there’s no pressure but it would help them to learn their lines sooner rather than later. I will be putting the costume list up tomorrow🙂

Home Learning

Week 2

Hi to those who are at home!

We are spending lots of time competing in the TTRS championships this week, so please spend lots of time on this! (This is the homework for the class this week too).

In English, we are watching Danny Macaskill, The Ridge, and writing ‘show not tell’ sentences. These explain how someone is feeling without explicitly saying. e.g instead of saying ‘I smell seaweed’, we say ‘the stench of seaweed lingered in my nostrils’. Please write at least 2 sentences for each of the 5 sentences using the show not tell method, as if you are Danny Macaskill at the top of the ridge (we started this in school last week so they will know what I’m on about!)

In science, we are doing an experiment looking at how mould forms on food. Please follow these instructions;



Hi Everyone!

Just a couple of notices for you;

-The homework is being given out today, as I want to ensure we have secured the learning in class first. We have started column subtraction with exchanging/borrowing, so it’s really important they understand the method correctly. It is due in Wednesday 11th November.

-The trip next week has been split into two days. Two make it easier to remember who is going when, the boys are going Wednesday and the girls are going Thursday. For anyone with concerns, there is a video about how the site has been made covid secure- we will also be the only class in the building.

-Parts have been given out for the play and scripts will be coming home either Friday or Monday. Costume lists will be sent out a week after.

-We are doing at least one of our PE lessons outside this term, so please ensure your child has appropriate PE kit.

Thank you:)