Forest Green Rovers Premier Stars Day at Gastrells

Sparrowhawks got active last week with a session with visiting sports coach from FGR. Tom Needham. Tom led the class through some games using different movements, before introducing footballs for children to practice their close ball control. After lunch Tom gave an assembly all about what makes Forest Green a unique football club. He then announced the two new Gastrells FGR Ambassadors for the 2022/23 season.

Geography, Science

Gardening Project

Sparrowhawks got their fingers green this week. We first each planted trailing and bush lobelia all around the edge of our planting bed. We next sowed a row of spinach seeds. In one corner of the bed we planted oregano and parsley plants. We next planted chive seeds into pots, which will let be transplanted to grow with the other herbs. Everyone also planted a sunflower seed, which we will watch over the next few weeks.

PSHE, Trips

Year 4 Residential at The Wilderness Centre

Year 4 Sparrowhawks and Goshawks had a fantastic time in the beautiful setting of Wilderness Centre in the Forest of Dean last week, where they had fun with new experiences and challenges. The activities included firelighting and bushcraft, den building, tunnelling. crate stacking and low ropes, archery, orienteering, as well as making our own beds and packed lunches. Thankyou to all the activity leaders and staff at the Wilderness Centre, who made our visit such a success.

Geography, Science

Soil Investigation

As part of our learning about Rocks, Fossils and Soils, Sparrowhawks started an observation over time investigation in Science this week. We took samples of soil from different parts of the school and placed them in a glass jar. The jars were then filled with water and shaken. Over time, the different materials in the soil will float or settle in layers, to show all the many ingredients in each sample. We will return after Easter to analyse the results.

Art, D&T, History

Chariot Racing!

Finishing touches and fine tunings were made this morning to the Roman Chariots that we have been making in Sparrowhawks. We then took our models outside for some downhill racing. The chariots were released three at a time from the top of the slope, to see whose could run the furthest in a straight line, and the winning chariots then competed in the final race. Well done to Keaton, whose chariot just kept on going every time!

PSHE, Science

Gardening Project

Sparrowhawks have been busy this week, filling up the new raised bed at the front of the school. We moved soil and stones, very kindly dug up by Gastrells many resident badgers, down from the school field, and then filled the planter with bags of compost donated by Melcourt. Children had fun working in teams to get the job done and it was great to have some sunshine to finish the first stage of our project on Friday morning!

P.E., Science

Muscles Investigation

Do children in Year 4 have stronger muscles than children in Year 3? That was the question that Sparrowhawks set about investigating in their Science lesson with Miss Thompson this week. We learned about how muscles control our movements. Children timed each other doing speed jumps for one minute, and recorded the results for their group in a table. We then put all our group results together to discuss our findings.