Maths: Area and Perimeter

This week Sparrowhawks have been learning about the difference between measuring distance around the outside of a shape, and measuring the space or area inside a shape. We have investigated the perimeter of various rectangular classroom items, measured the playground and the school hall, and practiced answering questions with the correct units of measurement.


Science Rocks!

In the second lesson on Rocks and Soils, Sparrowhawks learned about the different ways in which rocks are formed. We discussed where rocks come from, and completed a diagram to show the layers of rock that make up the Earth: crust, mantle, and core.


P.E. – Kwik Cricket

Sparrowhawks today enjoyed getting to grips with their first lesson on cricket. We focussed on basic skills of bowling underarm, and holding the bat correctly. We also spoke about some of the technical terms used to describe equipment used to play cricket. 

P.E.: Sparrowhawks mini-rounders tournament

As part of our activities for Gastrells Sports Week, Sparrowhawks class put their newly learned P.E. skills to the test in a mini-rounders competition. The class was split into four teams, who each played against each other, to see which team could win the most games, or score the highest total number of rounders.  


Science: Rocks and Soils

Sparrowhawks today started thinking about their next science topic. We talked about what different rocks could be found in our our local environment, and what the properties of common types of rock are. Sparrowhawks shared their knowledge of what they knew about rocks already, and each wrote a question on a post-it note asking something they would like to learn about rocks and soils.



Sparrowhawks this term  are exploring stop motion animation, using imotion software to create animated sequences with different everyday objects. This is a first attempt made by Adam, Joe and Jake.