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World Awareness: Germany

Where was Germany 500 years ago? Why are there so many flags in Germany? What are some world famous German manufacturing brands? Where did the Brothers Grimm get their weird and wonderful fairy stories?

These are just some of the questions that Sparrowhawks have been looking at this week in our World Awareness activities all about Germany. Children painted the German rot-schwarz-gold flag, and also copied the flags of the Laender federal states. We learned about the many medieval  principalities that came together to create Greater Germany, and labelled a map of Europe to show the countries that border Germany. We have also been looking at the intricately detailed work of the Nuernberg artist, Albrecht Durer.


My Life in Pictures

Sparrowhawks thought about things that were special to them this week in our PSHE lesson with Miss Payne. Children drew pictures to represent the important things in their lives, and took turns in circle time to talk about why those things were special to them.

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Copsegrove Farm

On Tuesday 12th October, Sparrowhawks met in Bisley to walk for a day exploring the woods at Copsegrove Farm. The class were put into teams to do different challenges through the day, including a minibeast hunt, a woodland search, conker collecting, classifying items found in the woods, making a food chain picture, and roasting wraps on the campfire. Each team also worked together to make an insulated home for a hot water badger! Thankyou to Kate at Copsegrove for such an interesting and fun day.

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Prometheus made people of Clay

In our English lessons we have been reading stories from Greek Mythology. In the Ancient Greek creation story we have read, Epimetheus populated the Earth with all kinds of animals, but his brother created people from the clay of the Earth, to stand upright like the gods themselves. So, Sparrowhawks have been busy in Art and Design this week, exploring what it was like for Prometheus, making little people from clay.



Hi everyone. On Thursday, we will be having a PE type lesson outside, which will involve getting muddy! Please send your child into school with spare clothes (long sleeves and trousers). If you’re happy, they can use their PE kits if they are appropriate, as we will not be needing them Friday.

Miss Kelly 🙂

Snow White

Here comes the show!

WOW!! Guys you absolutely smashed the singing today, I am so SO proud of you all! Thank you for working hard and singing your hearts out- I can’t wait for your parents to see the final thing. Have a lovely rest over the weekend, we will be filming the scenes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so make sure your lines are learnt by then. Well done again, you superstars:)

Miss Kelly