Ending on a High Note

Sparrowhawks 10 week course on percussion instruments came to an end this Wednesday. We have enjoyed learning about samba music and learning to play the instruments. To celebrate what we have learnt all the classes who took part in the percussion classes took it in turn to play their different samba rhythms to the school.


The Science of Sound

We are working on sound in science. One of the things we have been working on is how sound travels. What better way to find out one of the answers to this question and more was by making and testing cardboard and plastic cup and sting phones. We had great fun and found out so much. Science is great!

Creating Art Using a Piece of Digital Art

Take a piece of digital art, any size and stick it in the middle of a piece of A3 paper. Using a dash of imagination, a drop of inspiration and a range of any mediums you want, create the rest of the picture which goes with it or springs from the slither of digital art. Work on the project until it is completed, sit back and look for any possible areas for improvements. When you have done all this, ask your editing buddy or a friend what they think is good or needs improving, do any alterations, look at your picture and……. enjoy. That is what we are doing with our digital inspired artwork:

The Play ‘Frankie & Me’

We all worked so hard at learning lines as well as songs, making videos , using and moving props and learning dance moves, so that we could perform our play ‘Frankie & Me’. The play was all about friends and how friends can be found in lots of different places and like us, friends can all be very different.

We had a super time performing the play (even though it was hard work) and we hope to have a video of our play uploaded soon, so watch this space.

Persuasive Texts

Do you think a state of the art Sports Centre should be built on this school field and surrounding area?

That was the question being discussed and debated by Sparrowhawks class. We were involving ourselves in a discussion considering the question from different people’s points of view and then debating the issue. We were also developing our persuasive language at the same time. Mrs Merriman was Alison on hand to hear what people had to say as well as learning the main points for and against the issue. We all thought it was very interesting and great fun.

Spartan Race – Friday 22nd June

Some of Sparrowhawks were lucky enough to take part in the Spartan Race at Aston Down Airfield. All the children who took part had a ‘great time’ and really enjoyed the challenge- reminded them of their residential trip. They can’t wait to be involved in it again next year.


Today we were learning how to drum with sticks. We were using a drum pads. We used rhythm game and leant about duration of notes and using them to create a great beat.

Some lucky children had a go at conducting as well!

Baking Bread – Thursday 8th June

As part of D&T we are baking bread. Today we all made a plain bread, using either strong white flour or whole meal flour. We talked about food hygiene, used our maths to measure different ingredients and of course involved ourselves in science – linked to materials. We had a great time making the bread but the very best bit was ……taking it home and eating it.

We are now going to evaluate our bread and decide how we want to improve the recipe in order to make another type of bread next week. Can’t wait!