Homework, Spellings & 100 Word Challenge #2


Maths – To complete the ‘Solve Emoji’ worksheet (Due Wednesday)

100 Word Challenge – see instructions below (Due Friday)

Spellings To be tested on Friday

Group 1 – happily, angrily, lazily, easily, busily, greedily, messily, wearily, cheekily, clumsily

Group 2 – expression, discussion, confession, permission, admission, transmission, possession, profession, depression, impression

100 Word Challenge

You will need to respond to a task, prompt or picture using just 100 words (we will be counting!!!)

Once you have written your 100 words, perhaps on word, pages or by hand, you need to post it as a comment below so that both myself and other children in the class can read and enjoy your work.

This week the prompt is in the form of a picture, you will need to use your imagination to write a short 100 story inspired by this. Perhaps you might like to think about some of the following questions before you start writing.

  • Where is this?
  • Who lives here?
  • Can anyone enter?
  • Who is the person in the foreground? Where have they come from? Why are they standing here?
  • Why do they have a horse with them? Does the horse belong to them?
  • Tell the story to match this picture. Consider your characters, settings (including this one) and plot (does a hero go on a quest?).

Remember to post your 100 words as a comment below using just your first name and a made up email address.

Mr M


35 thoughts on “Homework, Spellings & 100 Word Challenge #2

  1. I took one step and I saw a hazy looking autumn landscape, a fairytale of a village so stunning it was almost like I was dreaming. A gleaming blue river lay, wind yanking it this way and that. The warm breeze was blowing my golden hair. My pony following close behind, thoughts rushing through my head, does a king live here? Where are we? Suddenly this felt a bit strange, one minute I was at home and now I’m here! It really was beyond magical, magnificent even! The best experience ever, it was paradise! But it was all a dream…….


  2. Three weeks ago the guards, in the little kingdom that I live in started to be much more strict. They banished anyone who tried to cross the border, over the lake and to the peaceful grass on the other side. So we were stuck in our miniature realm for the rest of our lives. I mean I really like our green hillside but sometimes it gets a bit boring just running up and down the vast mountains and round and round the pillars in the village. I wanted to stand up to the palace guards so I got my horse…


  3. The witch got down off her horse. Jo had travelled a long way to try and help her brother. He had stolen from the King and the King’s knights, guards and jesters were coming after him. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she saw a boat. She used it to get to the city gates, which were closed, so she climbed over the wall. To her dismay, a battle had already started so she rushed to find her brother. She looked from top to bottom but had no luck in finding him. Then she heard his piercing scream…


  4. I was looking at the ancient temple over the glistening river; well it looked glistening but really it was just a normal day. I was going to say my regular prayers at the temple this was it, it was my only chance to bring back my dad from prison because the temple was going to get knocked down to build houses. “I pray that God can bring back my dad from prison. Amen.”
    My Dad shouldn’t be in prison because he didn’t do anything wrong except he helped foreign soldiers in war to crack are codes. Will he come back?


  5. This is how I got to now this story and you will to. A young female who was sitting on her bed was thinking about the dream she had last night it was the most amazing experience she could ever have so she got out of bed and walked out of her room she was very excited.
    However she persuaded her mother to go into the open world but that was not enough to make her mum let her daughter out of the house.
“If you want to go outside got brush the horse”.Will the teenager be free dundundun …


  6. I leapt off my horse and found myself in a colour-filled village surrounded by vast mountains. It’s super protected but I needed to retrieve the key for the town-hall from the Mayor to save my friend, it’s going to be hard. First I made a sturdy raft to get across the rocky lake. I waited until nightfall so nobody could spot me, then I crossed the lake.I brought a ladder so I could get over the colossal gate. Unexpectedly, the guard came charging out, simultaneously my ladder shook, I fell and the lake-ness monster ate me.


  7. I leapt off my horse and found myself in a colour-filled village surrounded by vast mountains. It’s super protected but I needed to retrieve the key for the town-hall from the Mayor to save my friend, it’s going to be hard. First I made a sturdy raft to get across the rocky lake. I waited until nightfall so nobody could spot me, then I crossed the lake.I brought a ladder so I could get over the colossal gate. Unexpectedly, the guard came charging out, simultaneously my ladder shook, I fell and the lake-ness monster ate me.


  8. A young girl with her horse, looked longingly at the magnificent Kingdom of Pippaland. Her new home would now be the beautiful castle by the lake now her country had sent her away. “What a lovely day” the girl mused, “I cannot wait to visit the castle and see all the treasures inside”. The girl marvelled at the kingdom, but yearned for England, as she missed her family. She gazed at the gates and wondered what adventures she may have in this city.
    Meanwhile, the Queen looked out from her window, noticing the sad young girl standing by the lake.


  9. Mary was standing at the edge of the water. She had been standing there for as long as she could remember.

    The air felt good on her skin. It was cool and refreshing.

    She looked around and saw a tall building with a flag on the top. Around it was an enormous city of buildings and houses.

    In the distance was the tower of the Human Race and inside it was the magical cardboard box that could hold anything.

    It was why she had come all this way. She needed the box to carry her house to a different location.


  10. I took one step into a magical land from far away, a misty lake surrounded by rocks and pebbles shone right into my eyes and the most beautiful temple.
    As the trees blew softly in the breeze I could imagine I was in a dream.
    The ripples on the lake were so calm and peaceful, my Rapunzel hair swayed in the breeze whilst my beautiful pony followed right behind me as I took a walk around the colourful land.
    I wasn’t sure quite how I got there? One minute I was playing in the park, then I ended up here?


  11. It was a mild sunny morning as I the brave, fierce girl stood on the bank which lead to the slowly flowing river, my horse was munching the green ripe grass. I was looking, wondering what secrets this town would hold. I kept standing there thinking about those enormous castle ruins how I would like to go and explore I was feeling, happy, excited, what could this town hold for me.The path which leads up to the castle ruins had stones and cobbles spread over the path which people would often walk up. With that I went to home.


  12. One summery day a glamorous princess was bored of being so spoilt so she dressed up as a poor peasant girl and said, “I’m lost and I don’t know where I’m supposed to be!” So the king said, “Get out immediately!” So she ran out of the palace with her horse and rode into the fragrant forest. As she rode away she stopped to take one last glimpse at the palace, which was the only home she’d ever known, and thought about what adventures she might have in the future. The big wide world was waiting. Where should she go?


  13. Georgina was a lonely girl with no mum or dad and no friends and was staring at a stream outside of an abandoned city. It was because of a small pox outbreak. All children were given a horse to get away from the city, once the greatest in the land. She wandered into the fallen empire. The floor was carpeted with dead bodies. Her parents were killed when the city was abandoned. But then surprise, surprise she got smallpox. She started to get feverish, then developed a rash. She went blind. The rash turned into pus filled balls. “Bye world”.


  14. We had travelled for weeks, eventually arriving tired and hungry at the city of Dranko. I checked once again that the important package was in the sack on Peaches saddle. I could sense she was very nervous too, yet the hunger in our stomachs and the desperate need to sleep, encouraged us to begin our approach to the intimidating looking gates.
    To our absolute delight and relief, the town’s people were expecting us and welcomed us with open arms, offering crusty bread, milk and all the carrots that Peach could eat. That night we slept soundly having accomplished our mission.


  15. Hi I hope you all have met me before and if you wanna no mi name listen on… I am a great lone rider and I love mi horse named after me hug I no i’s a weird name right but I gotta live with it o yeah I was going to say I’m a thief and I want to see and well…um haw can I put this borrow the money so I gotta wipe out all the guars. 10 Years later…YES YES YES!!! Hey I hope you noticed because I’ve got the money and I’m so happy!


  16. There was once a little girl with a cape as red as blood and hair as silky and black as a raven. She wore a ragged dress and brown leather boots. By her side stood a brown Mare horse which had a soft mane and a smooth blue coat with lovely Indian like patterns on it and had all of the little girls luggage on its back.
    As they both stood gazing across the slow running river to the humungous city, the city of Avalon, her jaw dropped as she gazed in anticipation of her quest, “This is it cookie.”


  17. Once there was a girl called Red. She lived in a forest with her poor mother. Her father had been gone for years. On a sunny afternoon Red wanted to go on an adventure, she asked her mother, but she replied ‘No’. Before her mother could stop her, Red had disappeared into thin air and it took her an hour to get to a magic world. It looked like an ancient lost world. Red had never seen such a great place in her life, she was so happy to see this deserted, adventurous land. Her very own fantastic lost world.

    By Eli


  18. Once there was a little girl called Sophie and she was going to go on a adventure to a mythical palace and she was very excited and so was her horse Thunder.She put on her best red cape and she was ready to ride a long distance on Thunder, she had owned Thunder from a foal and they were best friends.

    Sophie couldn’t quite believe that she could see the palace of her dreams.She was hoping the palace was full of treasures and yummy food,the long tiring journey had made herself and Thunder very hungry and thirsty.


  19. The brave young girl arrived at the moat after a long and tiring journey. Her horse was exhausted and starving hungry.

    She was excited to finally reach the enchanted city but she had no idea how to get in. Unfortunately there were guards positioned in every tower on the city wall. The girl had no weapons to fight and no money to bribe the gate keeper. She searched the woodland for anything that could help her but found nothing useful. She was desperate to reach her family.

    There was nothing else for it – she was going to have to swim…


  20. “I’m so glad we’re nearly home!” said the girl.
    “Me too!” said the horse.
    She looked at the blown up bridge and wondered how they would get across the river. She couldn’t swim, and anyway there were alligators in the water.
    The horse looked up from the grass. “We could always use the new zipwire” he said.
    “Oh wow! I didn’t notice they finally installed it! We just need to get round to the tower now.”
    “Well hello! what do you think I’m for? I’ll take there as long as I get a cart load of apples once we’re there.”


  21. I live in a town that’s far away from any other. My name is Cloe. I am twelve. I travel far and wide searching for my family. I have had a horse since I was four. Most twelve year olds don’t have a horse because their parents won’t get them one but my horse found me when I lost my parents. My horse is called Ruby. I lost my parents whilst we were having a stroll in the woods. Whilst I was collecting pine cones, a horrendous storm surrounded me and everything went pitch black. I couldn’t find my parents.


  22. ◻ The lovely Llama named Leo, the intelligent Alpaca called Al and the Giddy Goat named George. Their field is very green and really must be tasty. One morning it was quite calm, until the black as coal clouds came with a collosal twister, coming right at them. It suddenly got closer and closer and closer, until they noticed, but once they noticed, the animals ran as fast as lightning to get back. Their smooth fluffy fur flying wild through the smashing wind. Finally, they all got back just in time CRASH! BANG! Slam! before the door was shut for good!


  23. Monty, who liked pizzas, travelled for days and days, he came across animals such as tigers, snakes and elephants. Along the way Monty had to solve problems. The 1st, problem Monty had to do run against a snake, Monty WON!!! He jumped on his horse called Eddie. Eddie galloped through the crooked, chilling and mysterious woods. The 2nd challenge Monty had to find wood for a big fire, then he got on his horse and galloped away, deeper into the deep, dark woods. The 3rd quest, Monty had to make a den and then lived in it for 24h.


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