100 word challenge & spellings

Spellings – To be tested on Monday 17th June

Group 1 – enough, young, touch, double, trouble, country, courage, rough, tough, cousin

Group 2 – antiseptic, anticlockwise, antisocial, antidote, antibiotic, interrupt, intervene, interlude, intermediate, international.


100 word challenge – To be posted as a comment below before Tuesday 18th June (8:45am)

Use the picture below to inspire your 100 words, remember to try and think about the following things;

  •  Powerful vocabualry
  •  Noun chain
  •  Openers
  •  Parenthesis (brackets, relative clauses)

You may also want to think about answering some of these questions in your writing;

  • What is this device?
  • Where did it come from?
  • What power does it possess?
  • Who (or what) is holding it?

18 thoughts on “100 word challenge & spellings

  1. The pendant of power.

    They charged towards each other with their shields held high to protect themselves from the enemy firing the poisonous arrows towards them, the battle was brutal. A single strike of an arrow could kill a man instantly.

    William was a man of truth and believed in equal rights, many wanted him dead. The pendant of mighty destruction held much power and was a guardian angel in disguise, it was powerful enough to destroy cities if in the wrong hand. It had been given enough to William by his father and had been in his family for generations.

    Just by the way William held the pendant with such passion simply showed his true belief for justice.

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  2. Collin was going on a treasure hunt to find some gems and whilst he was digging he found the magical Orb that could tell the future. He knew it was one of the rarest and most useful and wanted objects in the world. He knew the right thing to do was to tell his parents who was back at the village but was worried that bad people would steal it. Luckily he could use the Orb to see what the future held if he told people what he found. After looking into the future he kept the secret and the Orb to himself.


  3. The decrepid piece of mysterious magical metal was stolen into the hands of a horrible hideous, hideous beast. The golden shiny artwork of the somehow mythical shifted and lighted up every houf such meant the people of the towns were frozen for a minute but we’re OK after. The Egyptian people had hand sculpted this piece of wonder before anyone could imagine something as beautiful. The two rusty clock hands are symbols of the people who hadn’t survived this dangerous time and when three hands appear then the monsters will be forgotten by the humans forever.


  4. The detective smashed the window to the old warehouse, now only used as a bank and the only one for the thief to steal other people’s money. He looked at the metallic gold pocket watch it read 3am. Getting closer to opening hours. Hours feel like seconds as darkness disappears lightness appears. Hurry up hurry up hurry up the robber repeats to himself in his head he looks at the golden pirate pocket watch with patterns all over it which he found in a treasure chest 20 years ago in a old town. He ran away because it was 8am


  5. On the planet Muxloe an ancient key was found. It was immediately given to the king who took it to the ancient chest of luxury’s. When he died the chest was launched into space. Millenniums later a explorer found the chest in the Sahara desert and sold it for a lot of money at a auction the person to buy the alien gift was a man called Jerry , He adored it and put it in his safe. But a few years later the chest cursed him he couldn’t move or talk. This was serious and the government destroyed it.


  6. The Lost Doubloon

    The story goes that people once found a secret doubloon hidden in an underwater cave. They told their families hat they’d be back by midnight but they never returned.

    The story you’re about to hear is located in Wales. One day, a boy called Adrian sat at school. That day, instead of learning his ABCs and 123s, he sat drawing treasures based in the Sahara. Ghost ships and Pirate adventures filled the page. One day, he went to the beach and noticed something shiny in the water. He dug it out to discover it was a doubloon. Wonders began that day…


  7. The decrepid piece of mysterious magical metal was stolen into the hands of a furious hideous monster. The golden shiny artwork of the somehow mythical clock shifted and lighted up every hour, which meant the humans of the towns were frozen for a scary minute but were OK after.
    The Egyptian people hand sculpted this piece of wonder before anyone could imagine something as beautiful.
    The two rusty clock hands were symbols of the people who hadn’t survived this dangerous time and when three hands appear, then the monsters will be forgotten by the people forever.


  8. ‘What a prize! What riches can it uncover? What universes can it reach?’ all these questions ran through Lilly’s brain as she starred at the picture. It seemed to draw her into the book more and more. ‘Look at the hand, look at the dial, look at ME!’
    Lilly jumped off her chair in the library. ‘Shush!’ the librarian sternly looked over at Lilly.
    Lilly opened the book again, flicking the pages to get back to the picture. But it had disappeared. ‘What?’ Lilly thought, ‘How?’. She felt something heavy in her pocket, reaching down, she pulled out the timepiece…


  9. The thief, San Juan (the most wanted villain in the world) had just stolen the sinister object from the British Museum of extremely dangerous things.
    Protectively, he held the talisman of power turning it over and over and stroking the engraved snakelike patterns.

    ‘Now I can be anything I want to be and do anything I want to do,’ he thought to himself.
    Suddenly, he heard the sound of echoing footsteps coming his way. As nimbly as a hare, he returned to the recoiling wire that he had descended down from, climbed up onto the roof and was gone!


  10. The device was mysterious no one knew what it was except a secret order devoted to it . A little boy was walking along the road until he found a building, he was very inquisitive, so he entered and what he saw was these people with octopus suckers on their hands . He asked why they they had them it was because of the device they said. The boy had a look around the place and found it opened at his touch the men and women said he was the one to save them from the great darkness coming today.



    This device can be used to travel through time. If you pick it up without wearing the special handling gloves then you become one of the symbols on the face of it. This device came from a parallell universe, and from the distant future within that universe. The person holding it is its inventor, she is called Madame Dulcinea Constellation. She used alchemy and magic to create it. She called it the Quantomener and set it to suck up castles and oceans and even the moon, sun and stars, so that the earth was left with no light, food or life.


  12. It is the year 2091 and England is ruled by King Zedd. Zedd has an older brother named Prince Jaw, who should have been king, but he couldn’t be trusted.

    Prince Jaw stole the enchanted watch, to go back in time and stop his brother becoming king. Clasping the ancient watch, set it to year 2086, one year before his brother became king.

    He clicked the devil eye on the device. Suddenly the hands and cogs started to turn. The metal pieces spread wide and a gust of wind sucked him in.

    It is again 2091, but who is king?…


  13. Leafy Piper was on his mum’s phone when he spotted a picture of a peculiar device. It looked like lots of golden rings glued together. There was a pale, glowing eye on it. The eye seemed to be staring at him. ‘’Wow!’’ said Leafy, studying it, ’’that looks like lots of golden rings glue-OW!!” he screamed. The peculiar device suddenly ripped the phone in half and smacked him on the forehead. Leafy bent over to grab it. He picked it up and screamed again—it wasn’t his hand anymore, but a rough black glove with metal nails on the fingertips…


  14. Once,there was a girl in the woods with her dog at night,it was pitch black.She was walking her dog and she could not see anything.Suddenly,she saw a white shining light in the distance.She saw tiny red dots in the light and she thought they were red eyes from a creature.All of a sudden she heard a growl,it was quite close to her so she grabbed her dog and hid behind the largest and closest tree she could find,she was trembling with fear.Her dog was barking loudly and leaped out of her hands.He ran in front of the creature and the creature scooped him up with his big bony fingers.The creature tied him to a tree with string and threw arrows into his chest and one of them hit his heart.The girl screamed and ran through the woods,the creature followed behind her growling holding the arrows.He tried to hit her with the arrows but he missed,luckily.On the final arrow he got her in the back of her head and she fell down dead with blood dripping out of her.


  15. There was a man who lived on the edge of the wood in a small wooden cottage. he was a hunter and he caught wild boar, bears and squirrels and other forest creatures to eat. one day he saw a baby bear and he shot an arrow into its back. when it died a ten meter tall monster moved out of the trees and picked the bear up and walked down to the stream and the man followed, but the giant heard his footsteps. the man threw himself behind a tree to hide from the giant.


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