Homework, 100 word challenge #5 & spellings


Maths – Fractions of amount worksheet (Due Wednesday)

PHSE – Should children be allowed to eat junk food? (Due Wednesday)

100 Word Challenge

You may want to think about including the following;

  • Relative clause
  • 2A sentence
  • Ly or ing opener
  • Think about the noun chain you are using.

Task:  Use the picture below to inspire you 100 words. You may want to think about some of the questions below before writing.

Who lives there?

Where is it?

Why would they want to live there?

What do they do all day?



Group 1 – lie, tie, pie, cried, tried

Group 2 – flies, tries, copies, babies, carries

Group 3 – truly, duly, wholly, fully, daily, publicly, dryly, slyly, shyly, coyly

Group 4 – though, although, dough, through, breakthrough, thought, bought, brought, fought, ought

7 thoughts on “Homework, 100 word challenge #5 & spellings

  1. Watching waiting, listening… the pescatarian, who’s fish obsession had led him here , sat outside his inadequate little house perched on top of a miniscule island in the middle of a humungous lake, contently fishing for hours.

    It was mild, cool weather. The days were long and sunny, perfect for spending endless hours fishing. This bonkers man adores fish and spends all day, every day trying to catch them. He is all alone, he has no friends, no family any more but the solitary man is content, he has a lake full of fish, like I said he is crazy!


  2. Sat on a rock a little house balanced on an island. Who lived in the house was a young lady and the way she gets fit is by swimming.the 20 year old woman’s windows were blacked out so if there’s any boats coming by they couldn’t stare in but the lady could see anything outside her house. The young woman lived alone so she got peace and quiet. The little lady didn’t want to get married again because her husband cheated on her, but she was happy just the way she was. One day the little woman went swimming and never returned. People were worried they looked in her old, wonky house.


  3. On the mossy, grey stone, the house, which was there for several years, was only occupied by one person. The house was made of brick and wood and it was probably not the best place to have a house. Obviously, the rock is not the most stable and in stormy nights the house would shake like mad. However, it would look stunning in the mornings when you woke up and you could have a great view of the trees and the lake. It would also be awesome to kayak in the afternoon while the sun sets in the golden horizon.


  4. There was once a crooked little lodge perched on top of a small stone. Inside lived a-oh, what do you think this story is about? Well, this “lodge” was a… get ready for it…
    don’t fall over… A TIME MACHINE! What’s more, it was bigger on the inside.
    Than. The. Outside. But just one person lived there. A fisherman. He loved to kayak in the river outside, and always ate fish. Trout especially. His brain- banging, eye-popping time machine was just disguised as a humble lodge to
    trick passing kayakers. But secretly, this fisherman, Who loved fish, was a wizard.


  5. My story sounds really crazy, but, i live on a rock in the middle of a river. I don’t know how i got here, but one night, i went to bed in a soft bed that is surrounded by soft, squishy pillows in a mansion, and woke up on a rock. Although, i do have a little cottage that i live in, but it has a hard bed which had tiny, thin sheets. I normally go for a ride in my canoe, but tonight, i decided not to. All i could think about, was me in my beautiful, light pink mansion.


  6. There once was an old, fairy godmother that lived in an enchanted wood. She was a wish granter. Greedily, lots of children came to the kind lady everyday asking for Lamborghinis, £1000 ,sweets and pet unicorns. One day she said to herself “I am so tired of granting these wishes!” So she decided to move her house on to a rock, which was in the middle of a calm lake, away from everyone. The children noticed she wasn’t in her usual spot. So they searched everywhere to try and find her. Finally, one child spotted the house on the lake…..


  7. Once there was a deep dark valley, and in the valley was a village. But climate change was upon them and they were not aware of the danger that was heading their way. Suddenly, in the night a huge rumble. Everyone looked out their windows as a monumental, gargantuan wave hurtled towards them!

    Right now all that is left is a single hut. This place was so high up that the flood didn’t reach it. The man who lived in the hut was too poor to buy a new house so he stayed there. He became a fierce, lonely hunter.


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