Home Learning

Week 2

Hi to those who are at home!

We are spending lots of time competing in the TTRS championships this week, so please spend lots of time on this! (This is the homework for the class this week too).

In English, we are watching Danny Macaskill, The Ridge, and writing ‘show not tell’ sentences. These explain how someone is feeling without explicitly saying. e.g instead of saying ‘I smell seaweed’, we say ‘the stench of seaweed lingered in my nostrils’. Please write at least 2 sentences for each of the 5 sentences using the show not tell method, as if you are Danny Macaskill at the top of the ridge (we started this in school last week so they will know what I’m on about!)

In science, we are doing an experiment looking at how mould forms on food. Please follow these instructions;

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