Snow White


We have started putting costumes together at school and have found a great mix of clothes! We would ideally like some help from you guys with the following items;

Narrators- Back trousers/black leggings, white shirt, bow tie.

Courtiers, Cronies and King- Suits/smart-wear e.g. trousers, white shirt, tie, top hat, monocle, cane (these are suggestions!) Cronies just need smart outfits.

Snow White- A white dress, fairly modern.

Prince- black leggings and a vest to go underneath our costume.

Teeny Tribe ( Cheif, Beamer, Milton, Muncher, Snuffles, Grouchy and Snoozy)- jeans, boots (wellies or Timberland style) lumberjack shirt, braces (if you have any!) We are looking for 4 more hard hats too.

Evil Boffins- black trousers, white shirt, science goggles (if you have them!) smart/ school shoes

Hunters- Leggings or jodhpurs, white/cream shirt, riding style boots or wellies.

If your character is not here, it is because we have already got costumes for you.

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