🦋🕷🐛 Willow lanterns 🐜🐞🐝

Today we created insect inspired lanterns out of willow, which we then covered our insect frames with tissue paper and plenty of glue. Tomorrow we will add our lights and sticks to hold them at the parade at Stroud Goodwill Evening on Friday. It was great to see a whole range of fantastic insects created, including a praying mantis, a ladybird, a number of wasps and several dragonflies.


Hats,Hats and more hats!

480D7D84-B294-4F63-AC11-9D98FB9C2877After looking at Coco Chanel’s extravagant designs we have decided to design and make our own hats for all occasions and tastes? Keep watching this site to see all of our designs and ideas.

Our very own forest

We have completed our handmade forest in DT. We each made a tree using wire and beads. We used something we found as a base plate for our trees. We’ve used pebbles, shells and clay! It was so much fun and don’t the trees look beautiful in their very own miniature forest! We will be bringing them home today.

Take One Artist

This week is the start of our Take One Artist event and the artist being studied is Andy Warhol.

We looked at Warhol’s pictures of Marilyn Monroe(4 pictures with different backgrounds) and decided to create our own digital artwork in this style. The only difference is we chose a building( our topic for the year is architecture) in Europe ( we’re studying Europe in Geography).

We really enjoyed creating our artwork on the computer. Look out for them outside our classroom next week.

Pyramid engineers

Sparrowhawks have been building their very own pyramids. They have used a large variety of items to build their pyramids with, these include Lego, cardboard,paper,wood and even flapjack.The children has really enjoyed working with all these different materials to make such fantastic pyramids. They are displayed outside the classroom , see the fabulous pictures below.

Creating Batik Pictures

We are creating batik pictures based on the landscape of Egypt. First we planned what we were going to make, then we added the liquid wax to create the outlines of our picture and finally we painted between the wax lines. We are all very pleased with our vivid pictures so far. Now we are adding things to our pictures to complete the look. We are still in the process of doing this but as they say, ‘it’s going well so far and we’re having great fun doing it too!’

How the Pyramids Were Built

Our overarching topic this year is architecture and as part of this we are looking at Egypt’s pyramids and how they were built. Currently we are looking at pyramids and finding out as much information as possible before we move on to creating our own pyramids. We are using the internet to find out  information, then it’s books, pictures and models and then……… we make!