Spellings, 100 word challenge & homework

Maths – reasoning word problems Due Wednesday (I noticed a number of these worksheets left behind on Friday, please come and see me Monday morning if you don’t have yours)

TTRS – Can you improve your rock status by next Friday?

Reading – Continue reading for your reading bingo.


Group 1 – scheme, chorus, echo, character, ache, chaos, stomach, chemistry, orchestra, technology

Group 2 – science, crescent, discipline, fascinate, scent, scissors, ascent, descent, scientist, scenery

100 word challenge  – Due Friday

This week’s challenge is to the following passage in your writing, you may choose to use it at the start, in the middle or at the end. Please remember to type your own 100 words and post it below as a comment before next Friday.

… the cage was open. Who had let it out? Where had it gone?…

Try to use some of the following in your writing…

  • A range of sentence openers (adverbs, verbs, time conjunctions, adjectives, pronouns)
  • Powerful vocabulary.
  • Add extra information through your noun chain
  • Relative clause/ brackets



Spellings & 100 word challenge #7

In 100 words explain which button you would press and why?

Think about what you would be the benefits of pushing a particular button as well as some of the potential negatives.

Can you use any of the following in your writing?

  • Expanded noun phrase
  • Adverb opener
  • Brackets to add extra information
  • Relative clause

Please can you type your homework onto the blog yourself as this will help to improve your own word processing skills.


Group 1 Spellings – misspell, mislead, mistreat, misbehave, mistrust, misprint, misuse, misplace, misheard, misread

Group 2 Spellings – creation, radiation, indication, ventilation, relegation, dedication, demonstration, abbreviation, translation, vibration

500 Word Story

This year Sparrowhawks will all be entering the BBC Radio 2’s 500 word story competition (the largest story writing competition in the country).

Two weeks ago the children watched and were part of the live lesson which was broadcast into hundreds of classrooms across the country. Since then they have planned their own story and over half term their homework is to write their own 500 word story. Below is a copy of the instructions that were sent home with them.

500 word story – Due Wednesday 27th February

Task – to write your 500 word story (It is not like our 100 word challenges, it doesn’t have to be 500 words exactly but it can’t be more than 500 words).

Plans – You may use the plans that you have started in school or choose to start with a new idea.

Handing in – You may choose to write your story by hand or type your story.

Hints and tips – You can look on the 500 word website for advice about writing your stories and read or listen to some of the past winners. – https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00rfvk1

Remember to – Be original, keep reread your writing as you work and challenge yourself with your use of vocabulary.

Remember this doesn’t need to be left as a comment on the blog but handed into Mr M by Wednesday 27th February.

Spellings, homework & 100 word challenge

Spellings -To be tested on Thursday 14th Feb

Group 1 – gardener, gardening, limited, limiting, offering, offered, benefitted, benefitting, focused, focusing

Group 2 – cereal, serial, cheque, check, through, threw, draft, draught, stairs, stares


TTRS – 20 Garage games (Due Monday)

Angles worksheets (Due Wednesday)

Scratch – To either start or continue with your ‘Shark Attack’ game on scratch (Due Wednesday)

100 word challenge – Due Friday 15th Feb

This week’s challenge is to continue the story, from the opener below.

He opened the safe and it had gone. No one had the code, who could have opened it?

This week you also have an additional challenge of including the following in your 100 words…

  • A simile
  • An adverb opener (E.G Suspiciously, Quietly, Proudly)
  • An expanded noun phrase (E.G The gigantic vessel)
  • A sentence of only 5 words.


100 word challenge #5

Sparrowhawks, your challenge this week is to use the following 5 words in your 100 word challenge, you may use them at the start, finish or anywhere that you may like. How you write your challenge is entirely up to you, it could be as a short story, a poem or a piece of non fiction.

As before please enter your 100 words as a comment on this post, remembering not to include your full name.

Words to include: Bricks   Gorilla  Turquoise   Running   Anger