100 word challenge

Use the prompt below to inspire your 100 words.

… we took no notice of the sign …

Things to think about:

  • What is the setting?
  • What might the sign have said?
  • What will now happen that the sign has not been taken notice of?

You may use the prompt at the start, in the middle or at the end of your writing. Please post your 100 words as a comment below. – Due Friday 20th March

Mr Muskett

Homework, spellings & 100 word challenge #4


TTRS – Team Mr Muskett Vs Team Mrs Smith (Friday)

PHSE – Think about the following for our debate next week – ‘Should children be given the right to vote in an election?’ (Wednesday)

Reading – Read up to your given chapter in your group read (Monday)

-Using a piece of A4 paper draw and label a picture of one of the characters from the book. (Wednesday)


Group 1 – play, way, stay, today, say

Group 2 – metal, pedal, hospital, animal, capital

Group 3 – gently, simply, humbly, nobly, horribly, terribly, wearily, angrily, comfortably, incredibly

Group 4 – invention, injection, action, question, mention, attraction, translation, devotion, position, solution

100 word challenge – Due Friday 29th November

Use the picture below as inspiration for your 100 words. Think about what we have been doing in class recently to improve our writing and try to include some of the following;

  • 2A sentence (2 adjective before the noun)
  • Relative clause (Using who or which)
  • Adverb opener (ly opener)

Write your comment below as we have done before.

100 Word Challenge #2

100 word challenge 

To be posted as a comment below before Wednesday 16th October

Use the picture below to inspire your 100 words short story. Think about some of the following questions before you start.

  • Who are the people on the ladder?
  • Are they climbing to or from the moon?
  • What is at the other end of the ladder?
  • What’s inside the moon?

*Please remember that having help at home is great but it is important that you type the 100 words yourself.

100 Word Challenge #1

100 word challenge  – To be posted as a comment below before Wednesday 2nd October

Use the picture below to inspire your 100 words short story, remember to try and think about the following things;

  •  A range of adjectives
  •  Capital letters and full stops.
  •  Expanded noun phrases

You may want to think about answering some of these questions in your writing;

  •  Who or what is this creature?
  •  Why is the person hiding in the foreground?
  •  Where are they?
  • What else can you see in the picture?

If you need help posting your comment please let Mr Muskett know.

Reading book bingo – prize day

It was amazing to be able to hand out so many prizes this morning for all the fantastic reading that has been going on this term. Lots of the children took home new books after either completing either one or two rows on their book bingo cards. We even had 6 children who completed their cards, reading an astonishing 25 books this term! I look forward to hearing what you have bought with your £10 book voucher.