Our Class Trip To London – The Natural History Museum & Matilda

The Natural History Museum – Blue whale, moving dinosaurs, creepy crawlers, earthquake room.

Tour through London – Buckingham Palace, The River Thames, Hyde Park, Piccadilly, Guided your from Sophia

Matilda on the West End

Awesome trip from start to finish

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Take One Artist

This week is the start of our Take One Artist event and the artist being studied is Andy Warhol.

We looked at Warhol’s pictures of Marilyn Monroe(4 pictures with different backgrounds) and decided to create our own digital artwork in this style. The only difference is we chose a building( our topic for the year is architecture) in Europe ( we’re studying Europe in Geography).

We really enjoyed creating our artwork on the computer. Look out for them outside our classroom next week.


We are looking at amazing mazes. This is linked to our topic on the ancient Egyptians and architecture. We have talked about different types of mazes and worked our way around 2D mazes. Later on we’ll be making our own!

Look out for more details………soon.

Sparrowhawks off to a Flying Start in World Awareness Fortnight

Sparrowhawks are investigating Eagypt during this World Awareness event. They started by looking at atlases and maps to find out more about the country as is it is today, where people live and why and what Egypt grows and produces. By learning these things it will help us understand more about what Egypt is like and help us in our history project based on the ancient Egyptians.

How the Pyramids Were Built

Our overarching topic this year is architecture and as part of this we are looking at Egypt’s pyramids and how they were built. Currently we are looking at pyramids and finding out as much information as possible before we move on to creating our own pyramids. We are using the internet to find out  information, then it’s books, pictures and models and then……… we make!

World Awareness in Sparrowhawks

We have been so busy and have had such fun! As you can see we have learnt South African songs which some of you may have heard, and today we performed our South African dance which can be viewed on the school blog. We have also learnt to make clay Meerkats (These are in the kiln room awaiting firing)and even produced meerkat comic strips on the ipads. Our needle-felted fish are now on display in the class room and we are beginning to create our batik and sewing dancers. We have written super stories retelling a traditional South African fable and created those lovely traditional designs which can be seen on the wall outside our room. We have also learnt about the continents and have completed a map of South Africa with a key.