London Trip To The Science Museum & The Lion King

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✔️Wonderlab at the Science Museum

✔️Interactive science show

✔️Tour around London to take in the sights

✔️The Lion King at the Lyceum theatre

✔️Memories which will last forever

100 Word Challenge #1

100 word challenge  – To be posted as a comment below before Wednesday 2nd October

Use the picture below to inspire your 100 words short story, remember to try and think about the following things;

  •  A range of adjectives
  •  Capital letters and full stops.
  •  Expanded noun phrases

You may want to think about answering some of these questions in your writing;

  •  Who or what is this creature?
  •  Why is the person hiding in the foreground?
  •  Where are they?
  • What else can you see in the picture?

If you need help posting your comment please let Mr Muskett know.

Woodchester park and mansion

We all had a fantastic time exploring at Woodchester Park and Woodchester Mansion.

So much fun was had in the park where we were able to assess the risks that there were presented to us and make decisions about which risks to take to have fun, but still be safe.

We also really enjoyed exploring the amazing architecture at Woodchester Mansion where we were given a guided tour.

Pyramid engineers

Sparrowhawks have been building their very own pyramids. They have used a large variety of items to build their pyramids with, these include Lego, cardboard,paper,wood and even flapjack.The children has really enjoyed working with all these different materials to make such fantastic pyramids. They are displayed outside the classroom , see the fabulous pictures below.

Building Pyramids

Maths looked like pyramid building for beginners this week. Sparrowhawks were investigating how many pieces of stone were needed to build different sized pyramids.

Our investigations involved us finding out how tall the Great Pyramid of Giza is and what that looks like.
The pyramid is an amazing 136 metres in height. Equipped with our trundle wheel we went on the playing field and found out that the pyramid was around two and a quarter widths of our field. Wow!

How the Pyramids Were Built

Our overarching topic this year is architecture and as part of this we are looking at Egypt’s pyramids and how they were built. Currently we are looking at pyramids and finding out as much information as possible before we move on to creating our own pyramids. We are using the internet to find out  information, then it’s books, pictures and models and then……… we make!