Finding perimeter and area

Today during PE we used our understanding of area and perimeter to measure the top playground. We all measured different areas, including one group measuring the whole playground!

We used trundle wheels to measured in metres.


Building Pyramids

Maths looked like pyramid building for beginners this week. Sparrowhawks were investigating how many pieces of stone were needed to build different sized pyramids.

Our investigations involved us finding out how tall the Great Pyramid of Giza is and what that looks like.
The pyramid is an amazing 136 metres in height. Equipped with our trundle wheel we went on the playing field and found out that the pyramid was around two and a quarter widths of our field. Wow!

Busy Start.

Sparrowhawks have been busy this week with work based around George Marvellous Medicine.

We have also been working on column addition, this will be apart of their homework for this week ( as they are in need of a quick reminder) They also have a bingo game to play, if you help support this it will be appreciated.