Homework, spellings & 100 word challenge #4


TTRS – Team Mr Muskett Vs Team Mrs Smith (Friday)

PHSE – Think about the following for our debate next week – ‘Should children be given the right to vote in an election?’ (Wednesday)

Reading – Read up to your given chapter in your group read (Monday)

-Using a piece of A4 paper draw and label a picture of one of the characters from the book. (Wednesday)


Group 1 – play, way, stay, today, say

Group 2 – metal, pedal, hospital, animal, capital

Group 3 – gently, simply, humbly, nobly, horribly, terribly, wearily, angrily, comfortably, incredibly

Group 4 – invention, injection, action, question, mention, attraction, translation, devotion, position, solution

100 word challenge – Due Friday 29th November

Use the picture below as inspiration for your 100 words. Think about what we have been doing in class recently to improve our writing and try to include some of the following;

  • 2A sentence (2 adjective before the noun)
  • Relative clause (Using who or which)
  • Adverb opener (ly opener)

Write your comment below as we have done before.

Practical Maths – Area & Perimeter

Today we took our maths lesson outside. We worked in groups to calculate the area and perimeter of the netball court, using meter sticks and trundle wheels. We then had to create our own quadrilateral with a certain area and mark this out with cones. After this Mr Muskett gave us the challenge of setting a course to run 1km, we decided on 25 laps (!!!) around a 10m x 10m square.

When we came back into the classroom we drew scale pictures of the netball court where 1cm equalled 1m. Some of us even tried to use compasses to draw the semi circles accurately.

Spellings, 100 word challenge & homework

Maths – reasoning word problems Due Wednesday (I noticed a number of these worksheets left behind on Friday, please come and see me Monday morning if you don’t have yours)

TTRS – Can you improve your rock status by next Friday?

Reading – Continue reading for your reading bingo.


Group 1 – scheme, chorus, echo, character, ache, chaos, stomach, chemistry, orchestra, technology

Group 2 – science, crescent, discipline, fascinate, scent, scissors, ascent, descent, scientist, scenery

100 word challenge  – Due Friday

This week’s challenge is to the following passage in your writing, you may choose to use it at the start, in the middle or at the end. Please remember to type your own 100 words and post it below as a comment before next Friday.

… the cage was open. Who had let it out? Where had it gone?…

Try to use some of the following in your writing…

  • A range of sentence openers (adverbs, verbs, time conjunctions, adjectives, pronouns)
  • Powerful vocabulary.
  • Add extra information through your noun chain
  • Relative clause/ brackets


Homework & Spellings

Reading – To continue to read everyday to tick off more of your reading bingo cards.

P.E – To Teach someone at home the rhyme that you were taught in P.E. (plainsy, clapsy, around the world, to backsy, touch your fingers, touch your toes, under both arches and around you go)

TTRS – Battle of the bands (Team Muskett Vs Team Smith)

Spellings – To be tested on Friday 22nd March

Group 1 – dislike, disobey, discolour, discover, disappear, dishonest, disallow, disbelieve, disapprove, discontinue.

Group 2 – submerge, subheading, submarine, subordinate, subway, superman, supervise, supersede, superpower, superhuman