Our Class Trip To London – The Natural History Museum & Matilda

The Natural History Museum – Blue whale, moving dinosaurs, creepy crawlers, earthquake room.

Tour through London – Buckingham Palace, The River Thames, Hyde Park, Piccadilly, Guided your from Sophia

Matilda on the West End

Awesome trip from start to finish

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Our hopes, dreams and ambitions for 2019

Today we discussed what we would like to achieve in 2019. We thought about things that we might want to improve, try for the first time or learn. As well as this we discussed what we would like see happen in the UK and across the world this year. Afterwards we used pastels to create our ‘Dream Jars’.

Sparrowhawks Sleepover

On Friday Sparrowhawks didn’t go home at 3:15pm instead they stayed the night at school. As well as cooking their own tea (spaghetti bolognese), they played games in the hall and set up their beds for the night in the classrooms. In the evening they went for a night walk up on the common and played games in the dark! After finishing their film and some much needed hot chocolate they made their way to bed for sleep.

All the children had a fantastic time and it was great to see so many of them step out of their comfort zone and try new things.

Our trip to the Mosque and Cathedral

On Monday Sparrowhawks and Ospreys went to Gloucester to visit the Mosque( just of Barton Street) and the Cathedral. It was a really interesting day where we learnt about what happens in different places of worship. We had a talk from an Iman at the Mosque and heard about the Five Pillars, we looked around the building and also tried on different clothes.

After that we all walked to the Cathedral where we had lunch. Later we learnt about prayers,stain glass windows and pilgrimages. We made holders for small candles, created our idea for a window and produced some silhouettes of a chalice. We all had a really great day.


In Sparrowhawks we are learning how to code. We are really enjoying learning how to do this and always work hard to move on to the next level. Sometimes what we have to do takes a lot of working out but we do persevere in order to achieve our best.