Creating series and parallel circuits in science

We worked collaboratively in pairs to create both series and parallel circuits. We used a range of components including a bulb, buzzer and motor. After this we drew our circuits, next week we will be learning about the specific circuit symbols.

Our Class Trip To London – The Natural History Museum & Matilda

The Natural History Museum – Blue whale, moving dinosaurs, creepy crawlers, earthquake room.

Tour through London – Buckingham Palace, The River Thames, Hyde Park, Piccadilly, Guided your from Sophia

Matilda on the West End

Awesome trip from start to finish

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A Day At Forest Green Rovers

What a great day we had at Forest Green today! The weather may have been cold but we had a great welcome at Forest Green Football Club where we were treated to an action packed day. The events we were involved in ranged from nutrition and healthy eating (linking with some of the Science we are going to be involved in this year), an eco walk where we learnt how rain water was harvested and used to water the grounds, we met the amazing lawn mower which uses GPS to help it cut the grass and if it has problems can text the groundsman! We also saw how the Club creates its own electricity and how it provides electricity chargers (not petrol pumps) to fuel cars. It was really interesting and we enjoyed finding out what the ‘Greenest Football Club in the World’ was doing.

The day ended with a lesson on football skills, making windmills (linked to wind energy) and a question and answer session with one of Forest Green’s players, Isaiah Osbourne who plays centre mid field.

Thank you Forest Green for a great day, we would also like to thank Vinny, who was our tour guide for the day, for his support and help. We would love to visit Forest Green again soon.

Professor Schnitzel’s Visit

On Tuesday, Professor Schnitzel, assisted by Tumblemagetski came to Sparrowhawks to to explain how our digestive system works. We had already studied this, using animation on the ipads, research at home and school and presented our findings in our class assembly. It was useful to share and extend our knowledge in a fun way.