Woodland creatures collages

We transformed ourselves into woodland creatures using pictures and natural materials that we found around the school site.

Sparrowhawks Sleepover 😴

Rather than leaving as normal for the weekend at 3:15 on Friday Sparrowhawks stayed at school for a night of activities and a sleepover at school. The children cooked their own tea, played team building games, went for a night walk, played games in the dark outside and enjoyed a film before bed.

Homework & 100 word challenge #3


Reading – Read up to page…. in your new reading book. (Tuesday)

Maths – 40 games on garage on TTRS (Wednesday)

PHSE – To think about our topic of our next debate

‘Should children have to wear school uniform?’ (Wednesday)

100 word challenge

To be posted as a comment below before Friday 15th November.

The challenge this week is to use the passage below within your writing, you may choose to use it at the start, in the middle or at the end.

…footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs. The handle on the door turned slowly…


Please can you think about including the following in your 100 words.

  •  Powerful vocabulary
  •  A 2A sentence ( For example; The towering, explosive wave crashed over the surfers head.)
  •  Capital letters and full stops correctly.