London Trip To The Science Museum & The Lion King

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✔️Wonderlab at the Science Museum

✔️Interactive science show

✔️Tour around London to take in the sights

✔️The Lion King at the Lyceum theatre

✔️Memories which will last forever

Tag rugby victory

Gastrells 9

Cashed Green 1

After working on tag rugby in PE this term it was fantastic to take 13 Sparrowhawks to Cashes Green to play a competitive game. I was incredibly impressed with their passing, running with the ball and overall teamwork. A particular well done to those who were playing their first ever tag rugby match.

Homework & Spellings

Reading – To continue to read everyday to tick off more of your reading bingo cards.

P.E – To Teach someone at home the rhyme that you were taught in P.E. (plainsy, clapsy, around the world, to backsy, touch your fingers, touch your toes, under both arches and around you go)

TTRS – Battle of the bands (Team Muskett Vs Team Smith)

Spellings – To be tested on Friday 22nd March

Group 1 – dislike, disobey, discolour, discover, disappear, dishonest, disallow, disbelieve, disapprove, discontinue.

Group 2 – submerge, subheading, submarine, subordinate, subway, superman, supervise, supersede, superpower, superhuman

Superb Sportshall Athletics

On Wednesday Sparrowhawks took part in our first Sportshall athletics. They took part in 10 events including speed bounce, hi-stepper, chest push and target throw. Today the children were given the results with their certificates and I think it’s fair to say lots are already looking forward to beating their scores next year.