Anyone for a game of throw golf?

We had a great P.E session today where we played throw golf for the first time. The children had to battle a rather hilly course which would change even the best golfers but they all had great fun.


Our Class Trip To London – The Natural History Museum & Matilda

The Natural History Museum – Blue whale, moving dinosaurs, creepy crawlers, earthquake room.

Tour through London – Buckingham Palace, The River Thames, Hyde Park, Piccadilly, Guided your from Sophia

Matilda on the West End

Awesome trip from start to finish

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Homework & Spellings

Reading – To continue to read everyday to tick off more of your reading bingo cards.

P.E – To Teach someone at home the rhyme that you were taught in P.E. (plainsy, clapsy, around the world, to backsy, touch your fingers, touch your toes, under both arches and around you go)

TTRS – Battle of the bands (Team Muskett Vs Team Smith)

Spellings – To be tested on Friday 22nd March

Group 1 – dislike, disobey, discolour, discover, disappear, dishonest, disallow, disbelieve, disapprove, discontinue.

Group 2 – submerge, subheading, submarine, subordinate, subway, superman, supervise, supersede, superpower, superhuman

Superb Sportshall Athletics

On Wednesday Sparrowhawks took part in our first Sportshall athletics. They took part in 10 events including speed bounce, hi-stepper, chest push and target throw. Today the children were given the results with their certificates and I think it’s fair to say lots are already looking forward to beating their scores next year.

Woodchester park and mansion

We all had a fantastic time exploring at Woodchester Park and Woodchester Mansion.

So much fun was had in the park where we were able to assess the risks that there were presented to us and make decisions about which risks to take to have fun, but still be safe.

We also really enjoyed exploring the amazing architecture at Woodchester Mansion where we were given a guided tour.